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The field of bioelectronic medicine combines molecular medicine, bioengineering, and neuroscience to discover and develop nerve stimulating and sensing technologies to regulate biological processes and treat disease.

Work submitted to the journal will cover topics in these disciplines but may also expand to topics in the fields of disease biology, bioinformatics, bioengineering, materials science, nanotechnology, neurosurgery, and device development. Ethical, legal and financial issues related to bioelectronic medicine and device development are welcomed. Significant negative results will be considered. 

The following are examples (not limitations) of topics which may be considered by the journal: basic science, preclinical science, clinical studies, transcranial modulation, telemetry, modeling, model-based control, neural decoding, algorithms, and related tools (i.e. electrodes).

Chronic Electrical Nerve Stimulation as a Therapeutic Intervention for Peripheral Nerve Repair

Miyuki Sakuma, Ivan R Minev, Sandra Gribi, Bhagat Singh, Clifford J Woolf, and Stéphanie P Lacour
When a peripheral nerve is injured after either trauma or a neurodegenerative disease, motor function and sensory perception are impaired. Repair strategies aim both at reconstructing the damaged nerve and in promoting regeneration to enhance target reinnervation and functional recovery. Advanced surgical procedures can enable efficient repair, but restoration of function remains challenging. Among various factors influencing nerve regeneration, electrical stimulation is often cited as a potential therapeutic approach to nerve repair, engaging regenerative transcriptional programs. In this report, we review both reported effects on axonal growth and functional outcomes of electrical stimulation on peripheral nerve repair and the techniques for chronic nerve stimulation, highlighting the challenges and opportunities of such repair strategies.
Bioelectronic Medicine 2015
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July 28, 2015
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Sakuma, Minev, Gribi, Singh, Woolf, Lacour, peripheral nerve injury, electrical nerve stimulation, bioelectronic medicine, behavioral recovery, axon, regeneration, nerve regeneration
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Invited Review Article