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The field of bioelectronic medicine combines molecular medicine, bioengineering, and neuroscience to discover and develop nerve stimulating and sensing technologies to regulate biological processes and treat disease.

Work submitted to the journal will cover topics in these disciplines but may also expand to topics in the fields of disease biology, bioinformatics, bioengineering, materials science, nanotechnology, neurosurgery, and device development. Ethical, legal and financial issues related to bioelectronic medicine and device development are welcomed. Significant negative results will be considered. 

The following are examples (not limitations) of topics which may be considered by the journal: basic science, preclinical science, clinical studies, transcranial modulation, telemetry, modeling, model-based control, neural decoding, algorithms, and related tools (i.e. electrodes).

Imagining the Future of Medicine

Christopher J Czura
Christopher J. Czura, PhD, is Vice President of the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, Executive Publisher of the Feinstein Institute Press’s international, peer-reviewed journals, Molecular Medicine and Bioelectronic Medicine, and Executive Producer of the Merinoff Conference Series. A pioneer in the emerging field of bioelectronic medicine, Dr. Czura’s primary work in this field led to the discovery of the “neural tourniquet,” a field of technology that uses electrical nerve stimulation to control surgical and traumatic hemorrhage. Dr. Czura’s current research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of the neural tourniquet, and the development of new devices to activate this novel mechanism to control bleeding. Dr. Czura received his B.S. in biotechnology from William Paterson University in 1996 and a doctoral degree in molecular microbiology from Stony Brook University in 2009. He is author of approximately 80 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters and abstracts, and coinventor on a patent to control hemorrhage via vagus nerve stimulation.
Bioelectronic Medicine 2015
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August 17, 2015
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Czura, bioelectronic medicine, neural tourniquet, electrical nerve stimulation, vagus nerve stimulation
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