Gain Weight Quickly


If there is one truly way to gain weight quickly it has to be healthy diet, regular exercise and the right combination of supplements.

If you plan to gain weight quickly you should concentrate on packing more muscles. Muscles weigh more than fat and if you have leaner muscles the heavier you will get.

Proper Diet Can Help You Gain Weight Quickly

Proper diet is an important factor when aiming to gain weight quickly. The secret is very simple, eat more calories but do not burn all. Remember to eat the right amounts of foods. Proper diet includes foods rich in protein like red meat, fish, and poultry. All these will be enough to supply you with the right amount of protein your body needs. There is about 10 grams of protein per serving in these foods.

Carbohydrate is also needed when wanting to gain weight quickly but not all kinds of carbohydrates are good. Simple carbohydrate from chips and crackers is not the kind you need but the carbohydrates from baked potatoes and apples. Complex carbohydrates will help you with the energy you need when you exercised. On the other hand the carbohydrates left unburned will be used in the muscle building process.

Eating five to six times a day will increase you calories as you eat more meals than usual. The meals you eat must be rich in proteins for you to get leaner muscle which is what you need to gain weight. This way you keep your body from snacking on itself because when it does it burns muscles first. This is something you do not want to happen because you want to gain weight.


Exercise is another important thing to do to gain weight quickly. Aerobic exercises will help and one form of exercise you can do is weight lifting. Do weight lifting three to four times a week to effectively pack on muscles. Include bench press, squats and dead lifts in your exercise for best results. These exercises help release testosterone in the body which is important in building muscles. Make sure to perform these exercises in proper from and technique. Do this to prevent injuries which will disrupt your aim to gain weight.

Keep in mind that aerobic exercises may make you lose weight because you burn calories in the process. It is then advisable to keep your aerobic exercises at a minimum level. Aerobic exercises help the heart stay healthy but it is best to do aerobics for thirty minutes or less in the morning so you have the chance to replace the calories you burned for the rest of the day.


Supplements are equally important as the exercise and food in trying to gain weight. Protein powder and multivitamins are two supplements needed to gain weight.

Protein powder is the major supplement when packing more muscles to gain more weight. The rule is to consume one gram of protein powder for every pound of your weight. If you weigh 150 lbs. you must take 150 grams of protein. Increase your intake of powder protein as you gain more weight. This will keep your weight gain continuous. Health and nutrition stores sell whey protein powder which is the best form of protein to take when trying to gain weight. This whey protein powder dissolves fast and is absorbed by the body fast. In addition you won’t feel bloated.

Multivitamins on the other hand play an important role in replacing the nutrients you burn when you exercise plus the other nutrients you miss in your meals. Your body will start snacking on itself if the nutrients are not replaced by the multivitamins. This will prevent you from gaining more weight. You will find different varieties of multivitamins in drug stores. Make it a habit to read the labels before buying the right multivitamins for you.

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