Insomnia Causes, Symptoms and Remedies


These days sleeplessness is a normal thing found in everyone. Everyone is thinking about unnecessary things which give us tension leading to stress, anxiety and depression which further disturbs our peace of mind and has an impact on our sleep. Causes of insomnia can be physical or mental distress, medication side effects, sexual frustration, taking caffeine, a recent traumatic experience, overeating before sleep and many more. The symptoms of insomnia are unable to sleep despite being tired, getting up frequently at night, waking up very early in the mornings, daytime fatigue and irritability, difficulties working during the daytime etc. A normal human being needs at least 7-9 hours of sleep each day depending on his work type. But, due to modernization and urbanization we are unable to complete this normal sleep cycle. People are suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders. Below are few remedies for insomnia which can help you recover from this condition.

Common causes of insomnia Psychological problems- Tension, depression, distress, recent traumatic experience, high stress etc.

Medication side effects- Cold n Flu medicines that contain alcohol, Pain killers that contain caffeine, steroids, thyroid hormone and high blood pressure medicines.

Medical problems- Acidity, hyperthyroidism, kidney malfunction, asthma, allergy, chronic pain, cancer etc.

Restless legs also causes insomnia

Here are few remedies of insomnia which can help

There are a lot of thoughts which disturb our daily routine sleep. There are certain things a person keeps up to himself and cannot discuss with anyone. These are the thoughts which disturb the peace of mind and don’t let us sleep. Make a habit of penning down all the things that disturb you before you go to bed. This will make your mind lighter as you write down all those things that disturb you.

Try to meditate for 20 minutes before going to bed. This can be done by chanting Om for a few minutes while taking deep breaths. This will make your mind lighter.

Make sure your bedroom is quiet, dark and cool- Noise, light and heat interferes with sleep.

Try to follow a strict sleep schedule- Sleep at a same time every day and get up at the same time each day; even at weekends. This will reset your biological clock to normal and you will start getting sleep at that particular time.

Don’t take caffeine, nicotine and alcohol containing things.

Do not read from a back lit device before you sleep.

A simple 4 step exercise to get sleep naturally.

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