Natural Urinary Infection Remedy – How Vitamin C and Your pH Level Cure UTIs


Many people are not aware of the fact that every time they struggle with a urinary infection, they are at an increased risk of kidney damage or failure. If you are prone to urinary tract infections and have either waited for your immune system to resolve the infection or have gone to your doctor for antibiotics, you could be putting your life at risk.

Pay attention you can lower your risk of renal complications by using a few simple and natural health remedies for urinary tract infections. Not only will UTI remedies free you from pain and discomfort, they will also help promote the health of your kidneys. Healthy kidneys are absolutely essential if you hope to have a long and healthy life.

But most people do not know how to cure a urinary infection without using antibiotics.

Why a Natural UTI Treatment Works

The human body is much more intelligent than many people think. Simple infections, like UTIs, can be cured without antibiotics. The key to cure a urinary infection is to kill and flush the infection-causing E. coli bacteria.

These two steps can be accomplished by giving your body the tools it needs to fight off the urinary infection. By adding vitamin C and few natural acids, you can cure a UTI safer and more effectively than you can with antibiotics.

How Do You Kill the Bacteria?

E. coli bacteria are the most likely culprits behind your infection. By killing these bacteria and then flushing them so that no surviving bacterium will cause another infection, you will never have to suffer from another UTI again.

As you read this article, the infection-causing bacteria are steadily multiplying in your urinary tract. If you hope to be infection-free, you must kill and flush these microscopic offenders.

Our natural UTI treatment works by creating an environment that is not conducive to bacterial infections. This is done by using vitamin C and certain highly acidic foods. By creating a hostile environment in your bladder and urinary tract and strengthening your immune system, the bacteria will die. Once this has occurred, the E. coli bacteria are easily flushed through urination.

In order to use this remedy effectively, you must know the pH level of your body. If you remember high school chemistry, then you know that everything is acidic, neutral, or alkaline. By raising the acidity of your urinary tract, and balancing it with certain levels of alkaline, you will rapidly cure your urinary infection.

For an effective natural UTI treatment, there are certain foods you want to avoid. Eliminate food and drinks that contain caffeine. Stay away from chocolate, coffee, tea, soft drinks and beer (or any “fizzy” drinks). Also avoid processed foods such as cheese and dairy products.

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