Whether Deodorants May Cause An Alzheimer’s Disease? Answers Of The Experts


For a long time it is time to dispel this myth. It recollects often enough, and it always causes a panic as in the patients suffering from a hyperhidrosis, and at the usual people using agents from superfluous sweating. Whether the truth, what the salts of aluminum which are some deodorants, can lead to an Alzheimer’s disease? Recently many ask us this question so we have decided to address to experts in the field.

The exact reason of an Alzheimer’s disease (which it is expressed in gradual deterioration of mental faculties) so till now and is not established. The hearing that aluminum can cause this illness is bound to the research spent in the sixties which has found out abnormally high concentration of aluminum in cerebral tissues of some victims of illness. Meanwhile, according to the official report of Association of an viagra prix pharmacie sans ordonnance Alzheimer’s, «after several tens years of studying of the given area scientists did not manage to reproduce results of researches of 60th years and to prove, what exactly aluminum promotes a course of a disease».

In the letter referred by Association in newspaper USA Today in February, 2006, it is told: «Communication between aluminum and an Alzheimer’s disease has been never convincingly proved … Scientific community is convinced that aluminum is not a key risk factor for a course of a disease of Alzheimer. The state organizations, including the World organization of public health services, National institutes of public health services of the USA, EPA and Ministry of Health of Canada» adhere to the same point of view also.

You for certain represent how much seriously the companies-manufacturers safeguard the production. To abirritate the clients, many experts have published on site Proctor and Gamble (the world leader on manufacture of deodorants, letting out such brands as Secret, Old Spice and Sure) reports on communication of an Alzheimer’s disease with deodorants. Among them there was a note of Doctor Peter Davis, the researcher of an Alzheimer’s disease from Medical college of Albert Einstein. He writes: «the Majority of the researchers, who are engaged in an Alzheimer’s disease, consider improbable that aluminum played any role in a course of a disease».

Doctors William Pendlberi and Paul Solomon of the Clinic of mental disorders of the Medical centre of Southwest Vermont, confirm: «Aluminum is not at the bottom of an Alzheimer’s disease so there is no occasion to convince people to avoid it, especially, if its quantity is insignificant (for example, in deodorants, antacids, aluminum ware).

Moreover, Mike Thomas (the chemist, the principal of group of working out of a line of deodorants Secret and Gamble) has told companies Proctor to site Sweat Solutions that «does not exist scientific or medical cialis sans ordonnance proofs of that the aluminum containing in products, causes an Alzheimer’s disease.

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