Volume 2: 2015 Articles


Bioelectronic Medicine
is an open access, international, peer-reviewed biomedical journal published by Feinstein Institute Press (New York).
Bioelectronic medicine is the scientific discipline that brings together molecular medicine, bioengineering, and neuroscience to discover and develop nerve stimulating and sensing technologies to regulate biological processes and treat disease. It uses nerve-stimulating technology to regulate the molecular targets underlying disease.

At the core of bioelectronic medicine is the electrical signal used by the nervous system to communicate information. Virtually every cell in the body is directly or indirectly controlled by these neural signals. Bioelectronic medicine technologies can record, stimulate and block neural signaling. Through its ability to manipulate neural signals, bioelectronic medicine will change the way physicians treat diseases and conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease, diabetes, paralysis, bleeding and even cancer.

The journal, Bioelectronic Medicine, aims to bring together not only clinicians and researchers from diverse backgrounds, but also an expanded community and multidisciplinary audience of specialists from fields such as disease biology, bioinformatics, bioengineering, materials science, nanotechnology, and neurosurgery.
Bioelectronic Medicine publishes work in the format of original Research Articles, Brief Communications, Review Articles, Editorials, Commentaries, Responses to Commentaries, Clinical Trials, and Letters to the Editor covering emerging concepts in the interdisciplinary field of bioelectronic medicine. Ethical, legal and financial issues related to bioelectronic medicine and device development are welcomed. Significant negative results will be considered. Manuscripts submitted to the journal should describe the implications for human disease at a level approachable by the diverse readership of Bioelectronic Medicine

Bioelectronic Medicine:
  • Places high priority on rapid publication. All content is published free online without embargo within an average of 8 days after acceptance;

  • Conducts rapid peer review. Average time to first decision is approximately four weeks;

  • Is an Open Access journal (currently no fees for submission or processing); and

  • Offers a pre-submission enquiry service. Check to see if your manuscript topic is suitable for Bioelectronic Medicine prior to formal submission.